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What’s GruntiMaps and why did you develop it?

GruntiMaps is the map server engine behind Gruntify, our crowdsourcing cloud platform. GruntiMaps provides advanced mapping functions, by using the range of Open Source technologies that Mapbox has created and made available to the software development community.

Why is GruntiMaps free?

The source code is, and will always be, free. If you have the technical know-how and the time available, then be our guest and build your own map server from scratch and for free! For the other folks, who maybe don’t have the time or just want a convenient way to get started, we might charge a fee for providing those “deploy-ready” scripts.

Why is GruntiMaps Open Source?

Why not? We believe in sharing and we also believe in the power of developers working together. Our objective is to see GruntiMaps become a powerful map server for those who need to build location aware solutions on low budgets (just like us!).

What is the relationship between GruntiMaps and Gruntify?

GruntiMaps is the pet project of Gruntify, i.e., we built GruntiMaps to drive our own maps in Gruntify. Since a bunch of people pointed out to us that GruntiMaps could be useful to others, we decided to share it with the world!

What is the relationship between GruntiMaps and Mapbox?

GruntiMaps uses the many of the technologies that Mapbox have built and made available under open source licenses. We highly respect Mapbox and love their work. However, most of our work on GruntiMaps predates Atlas, and consequently we have built the features in GruntiMaps that have been later made available by Mapbox in Atlas… However, some of our features are ahead of Atlas, such as automated vector tileset creation from raw input data.

Under what licence is GruntiMaps provided?

GruntiMaps itself is released under the Affero General Public Licence. Of course, components that we are using within GruntiMaps remain under their respective licenses. We chose this licence because we don’t want to see GruntiMaps turned into a proprietary product by another vendor without them contributing their work back to the community.

I need an app built, can you help me?

We don’t usually build custom apps for clients but feel free to contact us since we have many developer friends.

What input formats are supported?

Any spatial file format that can be turned to GeoJSON is supported. That means, SHP, KML, and many others.

What output formats are supported?

Mapbox Vector Tiles.

What is GIS People?

It is the company behind Gruntify and GruntiMaps.

I have a question, what is your contact phone number?

We are sorry, we take no phone calls, but feel free to send us your question via our chat option. One of our staff will be in touch very soon!

I’m a developer, what can I help you with?

Ok… Where do we start? GruntiMaps (at the time of launch) is missing: Localization, Geocoding, Routing, Auth0 support… Just to name a few. Feel free to contact us. There is plenty to do!